Global Monarchy

comes, inspired by Dante Alighieri, such as the Renaissance, precisely, from his Monarchia work. And also from the idea of the Fifth Empire or 'Fifth Monarchy'.

It celebrates the modern strain of exalted global citizens who roam the world today, for themselves. Independent from countries or organizations with their own worldview, they are 'Monarchs' in their own areas and universal experiences, unprecedented in history.

Splendia Regius, which translates from Latin as royal charm, is the insignia of garments and costumes of this modern aristocracy. To wear a piece is to belong to twenty-first century royalty.

All parts and products embody the sumptuary tradition of ancestral nobility, with sophistication, in light of the modern era, projecting into the future. Rare, unique and magnificent pieces. Produced with the most exclusive and luxurious materials. Made with the same thoroughness and dedication with which one elaborates an indelible precious jewel. And with the very soul and substance of a classic work of art.

Fraternally you are welcome to this new universal current.

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